Supporting Ecosystem Based Management for Fisheries in the Atlantic Upwelling Regions

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  • Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management (EBFM) in the Atlantic Upwelling Regions needs adequate indices to monitor changes in an integrated manner and to identify appropriate links among environment, climate, and fisheries
  • A multitude of data products are already available, but are not covering all necessary variables nor being harmonized or integrated


  • Identify observing and scientific gaps
  • Address habitat and resource connections from North to South Atlantic and learn from different monitoring approaches
  • Answer questions about drivers of changes in the abundance, distribution and seasonality of fish stocks
  • Maximize benefits of existing investments and instrumentation,
  • Unite a network of partners with observing, modelling, prediction, and scientific expertise. 

Possible Outcomes

  • Inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to better integrate different disciplinary approaches as well as strengthen the science to policy and science to society links
  • Identification of indicators that need to be monitored to support sustainable fisheries in upwelling regions
  • Identification of mechanisms and technologies which are needed to be successful

Main contacts: Tarron Lamont (DEFF, South Africa), Jörn Schmidt (Kiel University/Kiel Marine Science, Germany), Carl van der Lingen (DEFF, South Africa), Mark Payne (DTU Aqua, Denmark)