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AtlantOS Steering Committee Solicitation - Winter 2021 -

AtlantOS is an international program aimed to coordinate Atlantic Ocean basin-scale activities that will advance the implementation of joint observational elements in the Atlantic Ocean to improve modelling, monitoring, and forecasting products.

The call for nominations to the AtlantOS Steering Committee is now open. Appointments will take effect in February 2022. Nominations can be submitted online via the nomination form on or before the deadline of 10th of January, 2022. The AtlantOS Steering Committee Terms of Reference provide a detailed outline of responsibilities and membership responsibilities.

Nominations will be reviewed by a panel consisting of one current AtlantOS Steering Committee member, two outgoing Steering Committee members, and representatives from GOOS and GEO Blue Planet. New members will be recommended by the review panel and approved by the present AtlantOS Steering Committee.

When considering membership nominations, the review panel will take into account scientific expertise and nominations that support diversity balance. AtlantOS encourages nominations by representatives from developing countries and early career scientists (<10 years after last degree). The initial term of membership for Steering Committee members is three years, with a possible extension of two years.

Preference will be given to:

  • Candidates from geographic areas that are currently underrepresented on the committee including the Caribbean, Tropical Atlantic and South Atlantic;
  • Candidates who represent or provide ties to users of ocean and coastal observations;
  • Candidates with expertise in the areas of Data management, Biogeochemistry, and Fisheries Oceanography.

Please use this form to submit nominations by January 10th, 2022.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ann-Christine Zinkann.